Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Moja.ro, please read the terms and conditions carefully before using or obtaining any services, information or materials through this site. Use of this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below. MOJA.RO assumes the right to modify these provisions without further notice. The latest version can be found by accessing this page, called "Terms and Conditions". The site www.MOJA.RO is operated by the legal entity S.C. MOJA CONCEPT S.R.L., legal entity with registered office in Bragadiru, 14 Eroilor Street, building A, apartment 1, office in Regenerarii Street no. 5 - 7, sector 3, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register under no. J23/1572/2015, unique registration code / VAT code RO34498733.

The access on the MOJA.RO website is guaranteed in personal interest, respectively the placement of online orders, information regarding the products presented on the site, styling tips, etc. and does not grant it the right to operate the site in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to MOJA.RO's interests without its prior written consent. The right to create a web link - link - to MOJA.RO is limited, non-exclusive and revocable, and is granted as long as it does not bring shortcomings of any kind to the FUP or to any of our partners, only after obtaining our written or email agreement. 

1. MOJA.RO owns the copyright on the information presented on the site

MOJA.RO reserves the right to own the entire content of the site - photos, texts, graphics, templates, emails, etc. It is protected by the Law for the protection of copyright (law no. 8/1996) and by the laws on intellectual and industrial property.

2. Products and services offered for sale on MOJA.RO

Moja.ro sells both products made under its own brand moja (clothing, footwear, leather goods made in its own workshops or through third parties) or products made by selected suppliers. All products sold are new, present original packaging and are accompanied at the time of delivery by the fiscal invoice. The products and services are offered in compliance with the provisions of this document and within the available stock.

3. The price of the products sold on MOJA.RO

The prices presented on the site include VAT (19%) and do not include transport costs. These may vary depending on the selected delivery method (courier or Romanian post), locality, courier coverage area, national or international destination country are updated daily, depending on the NBR exchange rate. We reserve the right to change the price or technical specifications of a product without prior notice. According to Art. 1665 of the Civil Code regarding the fictitious price and the derisory price:

a. The sale is voidable when the price is set without the intention of being paid.

b. Also, unless otherwise provided by law, the sale is voidable when the price is so disproportionate to the value of the good that it is obvious that the parties did not wish to consent to a sale. Despite our efforts, a small number of products may have wrong prices on the site, erroneously established by our computer application. In this situation MOJA.RO does not undertake to honor orders with a ridiculous price. If the real price is lower than the price published on the site, and you have paid the price in advance, the difference will be returned to you in legal terms. 

4. Payment of products 

For the payment of the products ordered on MOJA.RO with international delivery, this can be done via credit card on our website or in advance via bank transfer. The orders placed on the MOJA.RO website and paid with the card are secure and processed by the EuPlatesc.ro operator. MOJA.RO reserves the right to request the payment in advance of customized products (customized sizes according to customer dimensions, colors that are not presented on the site, new models of customer products, etc.). The products that are made to order at the client's request and are subject to Romanian  Order 130/2000. Head. 2, Art. 10: The consumer may not unilaterally terminate the following types of contracts, except in cases where the parties have agreed otherwise: contracts for the supply of products executed according to consumer specifications or distinctly customized products, as well as those which, by nature cannot be returned.

5. Delivery of products 

MOJA.RO website confirms the delivery of the products by phone or sms. In order for them to leave our warehouse to the client, we need your confirmation, in case of failure to contact you before shipping the delivery is delayed until we manage to contact you.

The delivery term differs for each product and is between 1 to 30 working days, this being communicated individually to the customer for each order.

The reception of the products represents the client's acceptance that the products have arrived in good condition. The invoice constitutes the sale / purchase contract according to the Romanian legislation in force. The customer expressly agrees to sign the invoice regarding the fact that he has received the product (s) that is (are) in accordance with the order and its needs. MOJA.RO reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of the ordered products if they do not may be honored for reasons independent of MOJA.RO which include: failure to deliver the raw material on time or not at all by the suppliers. The maximum value of the damages that can be paid by MOJA.RO towards any client in case of non-delivery or improper delivery is the value of the amount collected by MOJA.RO from this client.

6. Product warranty 

The warranty period, based on the invoice, is 30 calendar days, calculated from the moment of receiving the package. When requesting the warranty, it is necessary to present the defective product in the original packaging, together with the related accessories, copy of the fiscal invoice and the original warranty certificate ( in some cases it is the label). If these documents are not proven, the products can be returned to the applicant / shipper without the warranty being resolved, the value of the transport being borne by the customer. 

We want you to enjoy the purchased products, which is why we send you our recommendations on in their care and the conditions under which you can benefit from the guarantee. We inform you that the articles of clothing, footwear and / or accessories do not have an average duration of use and no legal guarantee of conformity. For this reason, in order to ensure an excellent user experience, we recommend wearing alternative products and following the instructions below: 


  • After each wear, the shoes must be cleaned of dust and placed on breasts suitable in size and shape;
  • It is forbidden to wash shoes in the washing machine;
  • It is recommended to store in clean places, protected from moisture or heat sources;
  • Before applying any maintenance product, gloss or cream it is necessary to clean and dry the shoes;
  • To create hygienic wearing conditions and increase the duration of use, it is recommended to alternately wear 2-3 pairs of shoes in a week;
  • Footwear must be protected from direct blows and from hanging or ironing on sharp objects, pitch, bitumen or other materials that can lead to the destruction of the sole;
  • Shoes with high heels or high soles are not recommended for driving.


  • Shoes with smooth or pressed faces are cleaned of dust with a soft damp cloth. It is recommended to avoid brushing and cleaning substances containing acetone and alcohol;
  • Footwear with velvet or nubuck leather uppers is cleaned with a special brush for these skin types. Do not use water as it may stain the material. Oil or grease stains can be removed only with special solutions, recommended for these skin types;
  • Footwear with lacquered or metallic surfaces is cleaned of dust with a soft cloth, being prohibited the use of cleaning substances containing acetone and alcohol;
  • Footwear with textile faces is recommended to be worn in dry weather. After each wear, the shoes are cleaned of dust with a dry clothes brush.

Ways to insure the guarantee:

  • Product repair;
  • Product replacement - if it cannot be repaired;
  • Reduction from the initial value - depending on the nature of the deficiencies presented;
  • Return of the value of the product, if neither repair nor replacement is possible.

Conditions under which the guarantee becomes inapplicable or void:

  • moral wear or normal physical wear of the product;
  • discoloration of the product or of some component parts following the exposure to severe environmental factors (heat and / or humidity sources);
  • defects caused by improper or abusive use;
  • intervention, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons;
  • damage to the product caused, voluntarily or involuntarily, by shocks associated with breaking, hanging, hitting or scratching the property;
  • faulty maintenance.

7. Information about the RETURN of the purchased products 

All products purchased from MOJA.RO, can be returned according to law, within 14 calendar days of receiving them by courier using this form. The customer may unilaterally terminate the contract with MOJA.RO without invoking a reason, within 14 calendar days (cf. ord. 34/2014, only in writing and may return the product (s) within the same period of 14 calendar days. return of the product. The consumer has the right to notify in writing the merchant that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract. it bears the transport costs.

Also, products that show physical changes, blows, shards, scratches, shocks, etc. are NOT accepted for return. You can return through any courier company, but we recommend that you use courier services for a better return procedure. The products will be returned at the customer's expense. The products can be returned without invoking any reason. Return address: Romania, Bucharest, sector 3, Regenerarii street no. 5 - 7, sector 3

The returned product must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice, and a return form completed online in the customer's account. If the products chosen for the return were accompanied by gifts, they must also be returned. MOJA.RO will return the value of the products within 14 days on the date of receipt of the return. The refunded amount does not include the transport costs.

Products that are an exception to the exercise of the right of return:

According to article 16 of the Romanian Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, are exempted from the right of withdrawal:

  • Products made according to the specifications presented by the consumer or clearly customized (customized measures, customized colors, customized model)
  • Unsealed consumer products whose new marketing could present risks for reasons of hygiene or health protection for other consumers. 


For hygiene reasons, underwear products cannot be returned. *

* This category includes swimwear and underwear (panties, briefs, bras, tights, tights, socks, etc.).

For safety reasons, Beauty products cannot be returned if they are unsealed, used or tested. 

8. Quality of hosting services, links to other sites, operating errors 

The MOJA.RO site is hosted by the servers of a third company. MOJA.RO is not responsible for any errors that appear on the site regardless of the reasons for their appearance, these including changes to the site, settings, or updates of the programmed scripts. MOJA.RO is not responsible for any errors due to the use of certain browsers to visit MOJA.RO website 

9. Subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter 

Subscribing and unsubscribing to the site's newsletter is free and voluntary, and implies acceptance of the following terms of use. The messages sent are not unsolicited and you can always unsubscribe by following the instructions in the footer of each email. The messages sent respect the law of Electronic Commerce regarding the commercial communication as it is stipulated by the Romanian and international legislation.

The use of the newsletter is made under the same conditions of limitation of liability from the point of view of content as the use of the site is authorized, under the conditions provided by this document, and the privacy policy is described in detail in the next section. MOJA.RO holds all the rights over the content of the newsletter sent to the subscribers under the same conditions as for the information published on the site, in accordance with the provisions of this document. 

MOJA.RO reserves the right to restrict the access of any subscriber to the newsletter, if it considers that it has any reason to believe that the respective subscriber does not comply with the provisions of this document.

10. Final provisions 

Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on MOJA.RO and which is not already addressed by any article of this document, will be resolved amicably within 30 working days from the date of written notification of the problems, by to the user. If the conflict has not been settled amicably, the competence belongs to the Romanian courts or to an alternative dispute resolution body, agreed by both parties. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use of the MOJA.RO site, the customer fully assumes the consequences arising from the use of the site in these conditions. Romanian version of these Terms and Conditions prevails.